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CTCG Produces a Variety of Custom Copper Tubing Coils For Your Industry's Needs


Copper Condenser Coils

The most common use of copper alloy tube bundles are for condensers and auxiliary heat exchangers. If you need to turn steam into water with minimal back flow and high efficiency, then copper tubing is one of your best bets. CTCG builds copper tubing coils to customer prints.


Reaching your particular fluid's dew point is not hard with copper and a moderate amount of air moving over the coil. Copper's high thermal transfer rate makes it ideal for condensing operations.


With over twenty years of experience, your project is guaranteed to your exact specifications!


Copper Cooling Coils

Copper cooling coils are used extensively in the ACR industry. Copper is applied a billion times over in air conditioning units and refrigeration because of its fantastic heat transfer properties. While we have had tremendous success with Stainless Steel coils at CTCG in heat transfer applications, Copper is one of the best options available and should not be neglected if quality is a key component in your project!


Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems are the second most common use of copper tube. Usually type L and copper tubes specifically made for the Air Conditioning industry (ACR Copper Tubing) are used for these applications.

CTCG builds cooling coils for customers with designs they wish to implement. Among the applications are simple air conditioning condenser coils.


Copper Evaporator Coils

When intense heat is required for your application or pressurized fittings are needed, CTCG has you covered! Our end tube manipulation services allows you to customize your tube any way you want. Cannot find the end fixture you need? We can build it in house for you.


When pressurized gas is depressurized at the expansion valve, it becomes far cooler than it was before. In other words, as pressurized gas is able to expand in an evaporator coil, its temperature decreases and it becomes a cooling agent. Usually, this process is used either to cool the air outside the coil or to turn a pressurized or liquid medium into gas.


Copper Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Coils

Many air-conditioning and refrigeration technicians choose copper because of its thermal conductivity, which is eight times greater than aluminum tube. The lightweight and durable properties of copper make it easy to work with during and after installation. Copper’s long life span and resistance to corrosion make it a maintenance free choice that will likely last the lifetime of the building.


Removing heat is a process greatly helped by copper's highly heat sensitive nature. Using tubing with fluid is a very efficient way to transfer heat, and can be utilized in diverse ways to accommodate your project's needs.


Unlike other industries, copper tubes used for air conditioning and refrigeration purposes are designated by their outside diameter. Other industries use the inside diameter of the tube.


Coils for Energy Generation

Recent decades have seen new uses for copper piping in the area of more energy efficient devices such as solar and geothermal heat pump technology. The cost efficiency of copper for piping means its continued use in all forms of new construction.


This combination of old materials and new uses guarantees copper piping a place and market in the decades to come. Recent developments in methods to join copper pipes for uses including heating will result in more widespread adoption of the pipes for this purpose.


For what it does, Copper tubing is quite indispensable. It is uniquely suited for a host of applications, from heat transfer to modern art.


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Copper Tube Coils Group

All Copper Tubing Coil Designs Are Reviewed for Production Runs!


Whether your application is in the Aerospace, ACR, Sprinkler, Heating, or Construction Industries--or any other--CTCG has you covered for Copper Tubing Coils. With diverse capabilities and an assortment of options, as well as a broad range of end manipulation and accessories options, CTCG builds copper tube coils to customer print specifications. Get a quote today!


Copper Heating Coils

Sometimes customers need heating coils that are not made of wire, but tubing. Rather than using electricity to heat a boiler, for example, perhaps you want to use another heat source and efficiently transfer that heat using fluid.


CTCG makes a diverse collection of coils for many heating applications. Copper tube’s light weight, variety of tempers, long life and ease of handling make it a popular choice that in the long run is superior to most substitute materials.  Annealed, or soft tube, is recommended for panel heating, snow melting and convectors etc. Copper piping is used to great effect in the heating industry because of its strength. A 50 year manufacturers’ limited warranty is issued with new piping laid, adding to the more than 5.7 million miles of copper tubing already installed in homes and businesses in the US alone.


Forced circulation hot water systems using small copper tubes and soldered joints are an excellent heating choice for many buildings. Where permitted by code, the heating system can also be used on domestic water and eliminate the need for a separate water heater. These systems distribute heat evenly and respond quickly to changes in demand, are low maintenance and can meet a wide range of needs.


Radiant panel heating, where low temperature hot water circulates through coils or grids of copper tube embedded in the floor or ceiling allow total use of floor space and eliminate dusty drafts. Because soft Copper Tubing Coils are easy to bend and handles (reducing joints to a minimum), it is often used in curved heating layouts while drawn tube is used for mains and grid heating coils.


Snow Melting

A snow melting system works by circulating a mixture of water and antifreeze through a network of copper tubing embedded in the concrete or black top. The liquid temperatures vary between 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit. The copper conducts the heat from the water to the pavement, thus melting snow, sleet and ice.


If wasted heat sources can be utilized such as in an industrial building, a copper tube snow melting system could be very economical. When installing a snow melting system, Soft tempered type L copper is used on the coils and type M tube for straight lengths.


Use drawn metal tubes for large grid coils and mains. Using soft tube for sinuous coils reduces the number of needed joints to a minimum because of its length and flexibility. For square areas use grid coils; if the area you desire to heat is irregularly shaped, sinuous coils are usually preferred. Often depending on your area, you can cut costs by utilizing both sinuous and grid-type coils.


Limits of Copper Heating Coils

Copper Tubing Coils can sustain temperatures well into the 400 Fahrenheit levels and beyond, making them very versatile in their possible heating applications.


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