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Copper Helical Coils

The industrial applications for helical tubing coils range from copper helical coil with end fixture   ©coppertubecoils.comthe aerospace industry to the refrigeration (ACR), petroleum, and brewing industry. The choice of copper in a helical coil indicates that a designer is likely trying to take advantage of copper's fantastic heat transfer properties--which are as much as eight times that of other materials such as aluminum. Because of the malleability of copper, it becomes viable medium for shaping the flow of liquid copper helical coil inside an enclosure   ©coppertubecoils.comin such a manner so as to maximize whatever heat transfer outcome a designer is looking for. Whether heating or cooling, helical coils make good use of space and the use of copper itself reduces the total amount of material necessary to achieve the desired heat transfer goal. CTCG manufactures helical coils from customer designs in copper tubing, aluminum tubing, and stainless steel tubing. The use of copper tubing is highly recommended if heat transfer is desired.


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Optimizing Your Heat Exchanger Design

copper condenser coil water cooled system   ©coppertubecoils.comWhen considering your design of a helical coil, take into account what types of pressure will be exerted on the walls of the tubing and compare with various pressure rating charts for copper. Also consider the material type you intend to use and its heat conductivity. Copper is the standard for its helical coils    © effectiveness, while it's price is sometimes prohibitive, requiring cheaper alternatives such as stainless steel. While copper is largely benign, does not react strongly with most heat transfer applications, and has a very low risk to use ratio, make sure that the particulates in the tubing do not cause undo damage to the tube over time. Also take into account the maximum amount of pressure rated for the tube so as not to cause erosion corrosion after many years of use. Ensure that your design also has an easy reparability that makes for better replacement of product parts in the future, allowing you to offer competitive warrantees, service & installation charges, and replacement parts.


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The Copper Tube Coils Group Advantage

Whereas prototypes and production runs of similar products from China can take several months and have spotty quality, questionable material grades, and/or lackluster performance, our Group can deliver prototypes in days and production volume in weeks--depending on the sophistication of your project--with American certified material and repeatable quality. building your products quickly, inexpensively, and in a timely manner is a competitive advantage from which you can profit.

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Stainless steel coils are less efficient for heat transfer, but can be coiled and shipped in high or low quantities, sizes large and small!


Whether your application is in the Aerospace, ACR, Sprinkler, Heating, or Construction Industries--or any other--CTCG has you covered for copper tube coils. With diverse capabilities and an assortment of options, as well as a broad range of end manipulation and accessories options, CTCG builds copper tube coils to customer print specifications. Get a quote today!


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With over twenty years of experience, your project is guaranteed to your exact specifications! Over 97% of our customers return for production runs!


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