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How Fast Can I Get Copper Tube Coils Delivered?

We process orders in the order they were received, and often beat our own estimates by several days. For a general answer, see our lead times page.


Do You Supply Stock Copper Tubing Alone?

Yes, but we do not manufacture copper tubing and may not meet the competitive prices of lower quantity copper tubing available from other sources such as We are a value-added service that cuts the tubing to the size you need in bulk loads. We buy copper tubing in bulk at rock bottom prices from American manufacturers and ship in less than two weeks from the date of purchase, generally. Our manufacturers are top notch, well rounded, and not easy to find.


What Sorts of Industries Are You Capable of Serving?

Copper tube coiling services apply to at least seven major industries, among them the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry, Aerospace, and Heat Transfer industries. For information, see our industries served page.




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Copper Tube Coils Group

What Are Your Payment Methods?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and company Check.


How Old Is Your Organization?

The Copper Tube Coils Group was launched in September of 2009. The constituent companies of the Group are significantly older by ten and twenty years.


How Can I Join the Copper Tube Coils Group?

Send an email to questions@coppertubecoils.comto discuss your capabilities and competitive niche. Membership means all quotations are reviewed for competitive niche markets and dispersed to member companies accordingly. Membership starts at $2,000 USD.


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