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Copper Tube Forming Services Available for Production Runs

You send us the print; we form your copper tubing! Get custom copper tubing formed to your exact print specifications in typically 1 to 4 weeks.


flattened copper tubing for copper tube coils

Seen here are several examples of various flattened copper tubing, in this case, 3/8" OD Refrigeration Copper Tubing.


How Copper Tubing is Formed

Utilizing press brakes and air powered or manual powered tube benders, our association can build your products with ease.


When thick wall copper tubing is being bent, it requires certain technology to keep from kinking at certain bend degrees. With over twenty years of experience and proprietary technology, our facilities are prepared to build your products quickly and efficiently.


Tube forming works by applying stress at key points on the tube, keeping the tube largely circular and maintaining ease of fluid flow.



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Copper Tube Coils Group

Tube Bending as a Service


We have the tools to bend copper tubing & piping with walls as thick as .120" or 1/8", with bend degrees as radical as 120--more in certain cases.


Our bending service prepares copper pipe for a variety of applications, including the freon recycling industry, and for many industrial and commercial applications.


As in tube forming, which applies to tubing with thinner walls, certain pressure points in the bending process become critical as stress is applied to the tube.


We bend copper tubing for our customers with an assorted array of manual tube benders, air powered tube benders, and press brakes, along with proprietary bending technology developed in house for our exclusive use.


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