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Things to Do Before Requesting a Quote



|__ Ask Questions & Perfect Your Design:

We can suggest changes, but you carry the responsibility of the final design.


You cannot have us design your part for you. We are not a design firm. We are a group of manufacturers who build your parts to your specific drawing. Our manufacturing expertise is available for minor changes to your design only! Thank you for your understanding.


|__ Develop a Blueprint With the Following:

  • Material Listed
    • Tube wall thickness
    • Tube material type, specific (e.g. K Copper Tubing)
  • Tube Design & Approximate Shape
    • May be hand drawn
    • Best in CAD format (Note: Legible prints with standard notation significantly ease quoting time.)
  • All Dimensions Should Be Listed
  • Tolerances Should Be Listed for Each Dimension (e.g. +/-.030")
    • Note that the tighter the dimension, the higher the price. The more relaxed a dimension, the lower the price!


|__ Write a Short Summary of the Purpose of Your Design:

The more information that you provide, usually the faster and cheaper and more efficient we can build your parts.


Sometimes a customer may not realize that a certain tolerance is very critical for their particular application, or perhaps they forgot to list a very critical dimension (or even a moderately critical one). Knowing the purpose and application of your product helps us produce the item with the end result in mind. This usually contributes to a successful run.


|__ Expect Miracles, Plan Conservatively

We will provide your parts quickly and correctly. Make sure you have the correct expectations about the lead times for copper tubing products, which could range from 1 to 6 weeks!



|__ Once this checklist has been completed, fill out this quote form for a quick price and delivery estimate.


3' stainless steel double helical coil with lead covers ©










Does anything you see need improvement? Please email us!


Copper Tube Coils Group

Things to Do *After* Getting a Quote



|__ Ask Questions & Revise Your Design

If a price or lead time surprises you, make sure to ask questions about the design submitted.


Oftentimes, minor changes to your design will shave (or else cut) a significant portion from your final price or lead time!


Always feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, objections, or constructive criticism!

12'' x .25'' Tube Copper Helical Coil without lead covers  ©

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