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While our sales officers can help with minor design changes to your copper tubing coils, fittings, and fixturing, no major design changes can be recommended! This preserves our energy for serving customers' orders.


For research and additional information, see for a comprehensive library about copper and its powerful qualities.



While prototypes are acceptable preceding volume orders, there is a rock bottom minimum of ten coils per order. Please take note!



All discourse is provided "As-Is" and does not come stamped with guarantees, official seals of approval, or design recommendations. Quotes are legally privileged and should be considered private.


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All major credit cards accepted. Credit billing accepted upon approval.




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Copper Tube Coils Group

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The Copper Tube Coils Group is a select group of companies who have a common capability to produce copper tubing coils (along with fittings) who are usually otherwise competitors that are listed together on this website for marketing purposes and better internet exposure. If you want to contact a company directly, select from contact information below. If you use the CTCG contact information or fill out our online form, you will be directly connected with Berrien Metal Products, Inc. where your inquiry will be sorted to the best fitting vendor in our group per BMP's assessment.



For Immediate Assistance, Call (800) 978-5300

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Berrien Metal Products, Inc.

P: (269) 695-5000

F: (269) 695-5300



460 Post Rd

Buchanan, MI 49107


OEM Tube Assemblies

P: (931) 906-1124

F: (931) 906-1125



191 Stone Container Drive

Clarksville, TN 37040


Tubodyne Company Incorporated

P: 1 (401) 438-2540

F: 1 (401) 438-6228



Tubodyne Co.

4 Industrial Way

Riverside, RI 02915














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