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CTCG is a Supplier of Copper Tubing Products, Including the Following:


ACR & HVAC Copper Tubing

Finned Copper Tube

Flexible Copper Tubing

Hard Copper Tubing

Type K Copper Tubing

Type L Copper Tubing

Type M Copper Tubing

Type DWV Copper Tubing


CTCG builds your tubing coils to print--so you do not have to. All tubing comes cut-to-size and formed to shape to customer's specifications. Get a quote for your tubing project!







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Copper Tube Coils Group

Advantages of Copper Tube


Cheaper in the Long Run

Copper is lighter than many alternatives, has a vast array of assorted fittings and accessories available, and has very high long term dependability. These factors result in an extremely cost effective tubing option.


Resistant to Corrosion

Copper's resistance to corrosion is formidable, and renders it ideal for most construction, plumbing, and fluid conveyance applications. Read more about copper's corrosion resistance.


Safe for Most Environments

Copper does not react easily with oxygen, if at all, and when heated to extremes does not release toxic fumes.


















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