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CTCG Quality Standards


CTCG member companies are ERP software managed, meaning that all operations, transactions, production actions, takt time, and material management is tracked and collected.


All CTCG member companies are owned and operated by local, experienced engineers with lifetimes of successful production jobs. You are welcome to inquire anytime at


All copper tubing can be certified and special-packaged to customer specifications, as desired. ASTM numbers and year of issue are included on the copper tubing in most cases (please ask).

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Prototyping Starts at 3 Pieces or More

For tubing coils, much of the initial cost of fixturing and engineering is covered by volume orders of 3 pieces or more.


We are willing to work with you to produce prototypes and help you perfect the design, but we must have a strong agreement for the production run when it comes. 


Our services are competitive to the tens of thousands of parts per year--but the cost of producing prototypes is immense, and we must spend our engineering time doing projects that will result in regular production.






Does anything you see need improvement? Please email us!


Copper Tube Coils Group

The Customer Sets the Tolerances


All parts are made to exact customer tolerances and are guaranteed to print per the Terms, Conditions, and Guarantees outlined on this site.


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