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Scope of Service

CTCG was initiated in October 2009 for the purpose of serving all the major industries needing copper tubing coils in the continental United States.


Type of Service

The skills and services available through the Group are not limited by walls, and encompass a broad variety of capabilities such as tube coiling, brazing, soldering, and flaring, enclosure fabrication, and technical assistance. A short list of general categories of coil products and enclosures can give you a good idea of what types of items CTCG can produce for you.


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Quality of Service

With decades of experience, proprietary technology in development, and professional, responsive customer service, your products are guaranteed to your print specifications.


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Copper Tube Coils Group

Why Use Copper?


Copper's Conductivity

Adding and removing heat is a breeze for copper. Copper is highly thermally conductive--about eight times more so than aluminum in most cases. Sometimes, aluminum fins are not even necessary to achieve the desired results.


Removing Unnecessary Material, and Therefore, Cost

A simple coil can achieve what many expensive heat exchangers do, reducing your cost dramatically. Stop buying bulky heat exchangers from India & China and have your products made quickly and excellently right here in the United States!


Many common problems of materials used to carry water can be dramatically lessened by choosing copper. Copper does not rust like iron or corrode like galvanized steel. While there is some degree of corrosion, it is often quite negligible and only rarely becomes a problem in cases of extremely high pressure or very high mineral content.


Low Corrosion Rate

Because copper forms a protective substance called patina when in contact with water, it becomes very resistant to corrosion. Also copper is nearly 100% recyclable, which makes it a sanitary and environmentally conscientious choice for domestic plumbing.


Lightweight and Easy to Install

When installing plumbing, each fixture in the distribution system should have a minimum pressure of eight pounds per square inch. Flush valve fixtures for blow-out and siphon-jet closets require twenty-five pounds per square inch, flush valves for water closets and urinals require fifteen and sill cocks, hose bibs and wall hydrants require ten pounds per square inch.
Always consulted your local codes and practices as these numbers may differ.

Copper tube has been the prime choice for domestic water service and distribution for almost a century. All copper tubing sold in the United States has to meet the rigorous stands set by the American Society for Testing Materials.


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