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Copper Tubing Coils Lead Time


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Typical Lead Time

Normal lead times range from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the sophistication of the customer's product.


Most often, orders can be serviced the same month!










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Copper Tube Coils Group

Understanding Lead Time



Lead time is the required time span to run a job, from the date that the order is given to the shipping of the goods, FOB Buchanan MI.


Reducing Lead Times

The determining factor for lead time is coil design. Our engineering methods are cutting edge, state of the art, for copper tube coils that require end manipulation. One of the best ways to reduce your lead times is to complete the pre-quote-checklist.


After completing the checklist, send a request for quote to get an estimated pricing and delivery date.


Once you have your quote, be sure to ask questions and if possible, be flexible with your design; a simple change can sometimes result in drastic improvements of lead time and production costs.


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